Imagine a true time travel VR Game and Sci-fi action game, where you the player can experience a wonderful story mode as you time travel for the first time. On your return home to the year 2084, you become lost in time due to typical time travel shenanigans, epic failures, and boom!!! You find yourself stuck in the 1980s or the 1990s, overcoming rogue elements trying to enforce their own agendas. This game is Tempus 84. Like never before, this VR experience is immersive and would give you a swell culture shock with a spice of nostalgia.  



  With Tempus 84, we are dedicated to making your VR gaming experience more fun, more electrifying, and one to get you and your game-loving friends relishing for more. They say a lost time is never found again... We say we are the masters of time and make the rules. This is different, this is new, this is for the fourth dimension.